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Who's exactly on the 1st Concrete idea...

lightning ridge kind of opals | gems cre



Under the activity Name there is me precisly 

Thomas Verlaine a young dad who live with his son 

Alone but determined to reach his project.

In july 2018 , i had a terrible car crash where i was at the borderline to sended short life.

But that time I had my shine star who refuse to let me go 

I survive from that most big turn in my life .

I had to stop to work cause my job was very hard and heavy in time passed every day there and physical 

Effort during all the hours i worked. 

Finally and cause an hazardous "camino" i've been fall in love and enthusiastly became a gems lovers.

Due to the accident i had time to kill and i begin to investigateur the potential evolution i could do with Gemology.

Step by step , contact by contact , friend by friend i take a place inside that wonderfull world .

My plan today is too achieve my actual project to become a gemologist certified .

I will begin some courses during 1 year and a half to award my gemologist certificate .

On side sub project , i will continue to grow proffessionally on gems trading in close relation with my study. 

What the futur could reserve to me ... 

Only good thing will happen when you know where do you go and why.

Life to be continued

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